Body Sculpture

How best to describe this section of our site?......Well these are all the wonderful small inventions that nip that curve, raise those breasts smooth that body line and basically give a girl the confidence to say "Look at me!"
amazing-bra v2

amazing-bra v2

amazing-bra-new v2

amazing bra

armpit-shields v2

armpit shields

eves_silicon_bra_stof_zwart_Donnya1663 v2

eves bra

fashiontape v2

body tape

liftits_A08-tr v2

stick on silicone bra

low_back_strap_zwart_na1552 v2

low back strap

nippless-1 v2

nipple covers

secret-covers v2

nipple covers

slim_short_camel_voor0601 v2

slim shorts

slimshaper v2

slim shaper

slimshaper-frontblack v2

slim shaper

vbra-box v2